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4 Online Marketing Tips For Artists

To become a successful artist who is able to live off their work it’s usually not enough to just make great art. While some artists luck out and get their name out there without ever doing any real marketing, for most this is not true.

To build up a successful art business you need to focus almost as much time on marketing as on creating art. Luckily these days there a lot more marketing tools available for artists than ever before. Online marketing and especially social media can truly help lift your art business to the next level.


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Skateboard Art – NYC

One aspect of the NY art scene that doesn’t get much recognition is skateboard art. It’s usually similar to the art that surfers create on their favourite surfboard but skaters obviously have a smaller canvas to work on. Surfers and skaters seem to share a common esthetic — an esthetic that has inspired many a tattoo (or is it the tattoos that inspire the skateboard art?) — but surfers have a tendency to incorporate more natural elements while skate boarders use more angular urban motifs. If you are not a skate boarder yourself it might make an interesting outing to visit a New York city skatepark to see some of the art in person. And why not decorate and individualize a skateboard? Anything can be used to express oneself and one’s creativity. Some folks will personalize their car with interior or exterior art, some are even inspired to go as far as painting the outside of their best rice cooker if it is something that they’ve come to use a lot — and appreciate even more.

There aren’t a lot of formal skate board art shows anywhere but it is easy to imagine a exhibit getting lots of attention if it did come together in a high-end venue. For now “art shows” take place at the skate park among competing ‘boarders comparing the bottoms of their boards. Skaters don’t usually want to be parted from their boards for too long making it difficult to bring together a significant collection of contemporary board art. KCDC skateshop in Brooklyn did have a one-night show a couple of years ago and that is probably the best that can be managed without much convincing and hard work: one night!

There is also an obvious connection between graffiti artists and skate boarders. The art is similar and the communities have many “members” in common (I put members in quotes because as you can imagine there are no formal memberships in either sub-culture). The famous, or infamous — depending on your point of view — Soul Artists of Zoo York are one such collective formed in the 70s whose influence remains to this day. They were some of the originators of the New York style of ‘boarding; they were as dedicated to graffiti art as they were to skate board art and perfecting their front-side micro edger (a skate board trick for those of you not in the know).

Nowadays graffiti art has become main-stream with crews for hire that will happily do walls of businesses that once fought hard to keep paint off their walls instead of pay to get it placed on their walls; check out this web site Graffiti Artist for Hire. Is this a bad thing? Some hard-core anti-establishment street artist will cry “Sell out!” but others will applaud the ability to make a living doing something they love. For skaters it is a personalization of their ride and a expression of creativity. Perhaps for New York city graffiti artists it is the same: personalizing “their” city and creating, what is to them, beauty in the bleak urban landscape.

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Art Hand-in-Hand with Money

Even though possessing the natural talent, there are some people who shy away from the idea of being artists due to the prevailing societal notion that there is no money in art. Some even say that you have to die first for the value of your art to increase and produce real money. Is this really the case? Well, with the trend nowadays, the answer seems to be No. Artvest, an advisory firm on art investment that is based in New York, revealed that in 2011, a booming $11.5 billion was earned by artists via auctions alone.  This was a whopping 21% increase from the record the year before. To this day, said number continues to increase as the appreciation of people for everything aesthetically pleasing continues to increase as well. If you want more proof, here is a quick peak of some of the most expensive artworks sold recently, which were all created by artists still living.

The Rhein II, created by Andreas Gursky

This artwork is a photograph taken by Gursky, depicting the Rhine. The bleak style of the photo is said to be a profound and dramatic reflection of our existence as humans Vis a Vis our relationship with nature. The photo was sold for $4,338,500 at the Gagosian Gallery.

The Tomato Head, created by Paul McCarthy

As you may very well know, among the most popular visual artists of Hollywood is Paul McCarthy whose works are often described as highly visual and wild experiments. In this creation of his, he depicted a man standing upright with a tomato for a head and surrounded by tools. Speaking of tools, if you are looking for the best pistrol crossbow or pistrol crossbow reviews, check out Or if you prefer the best compound bow or compound bow reviews, you can click here. The artwork was sold for $4,562,500 at the Hauser & Wirth where all of his other works are featured.

The Sheepshearing, created by Zhou Chunya

The Sheepshearing was sold for $4,799,812 at Eli Klein Fine Art, which is where Chunya’s other works are displayed. Chunya is known to have guided the movement that brought Chinese contemporary art internationally. He is most known for his paintings of his pet dog, a German Shepherd, that show it getting angrier and older as the years go by.

The Angel of the North, created by Antony Gormley

This work of Gormley, which is a life-size Maquette, was sold for exactly $5,379,076 at the Sean Kelly Gallery. This gallery is also home to the other works of Gormley. In 2010, he made his most talked about work, which is installation of one hundred iron statues of himself right at the Austrian Alps countryside! According to him, the statues are supposed to prompt tourists, hikers, and skiers to question their existence as humans.

From these four examples alone, you can see that the notion that there is no money in art is no longer true. As long as you have the right connections and the talent, you can make a name for yourself in the industry and make lots of money out of it.

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Tips for Artists who Always Face a Clogged Sink

It takes a lot to be an artist. However, it is even tougher if you are to clean your clogged sink in the middle of your work.

Artists face a lot of problems especially when the day of the exhibit is fast approaching. They tend to hurry things up. They are also more focused on the completion of the piece of art and forget everything else. Thus, it is possible for you to see an art room to be very messy. Everyone is just concerned about getting things done. There are paint brushes everywhere or spilled paint here and there. Of course, this does not really matter. Once the exhibit is over, cleaning up will follow.

However, there are certain problems that cannot wait. For instance, when the sink has clogged, artists have to face it right away. They need water when painting and for other purposes while they are still working on the piece of art. Seeing a clogged sink makes them really angry. As a result, they now focus on unclogging it instead of finishing their work. If you are an artist, and you can totally relate to this, here are some tips that will surely help you out.

Use hot water

The first key is to pour in hot water on the sink. Hot water helps soften or melt some materials that have caused the clog. Allow it to stay for some time and see if the problem is solved. If there are paints or other painting materials that got stuck, they will then gradually go down and the sink is unclogged.

Use a metal wire hanger

This is a key to push some items down or pull them up and have them removed. There are items that are neither too small to go down the sink nor too big to be removed by hand. This is where the use of the metal wire comes in. This might take some time, but it can be done with patience.

Use a toilet plunger

If plungers work for clogged toilets, they could also work for clogged sinks. You just have to use a smaller plunger and go easy when using it. Sometimes, going too hard will just cause the water to spill all around the kitchen. When used in the toilet, it is fine as toilets usually have a wet floor. The same thing cannot be done in the kitchen.

A few tips

When you start unclogging the sink, you have to make sure that you use sanitary gloves. It helps that you don’t touch those clogged items directly. There might be some toxic chemicals in there and you might hurt yourself. Another tip is to take things slow. Trying to go harsh in unclogging the sink will not help. It might even cause further damage. Finally, if you really cannot solve the problem, then you might have to seek for professional help. If you need more information on how to unclog a sink, you can go here.

Once this problem is over, you can now focus on your work. Rest assured, these problems will go away as soon as you deal with them.

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Preparing for an Outdoor Art Exhibit

You might want to go for an outdoor art exhibit as a unique way of presenting your work.

It is common for art exhibits to be done indoors. It can either be in art galleries, hotels, function halls or even houses. However, if you wish to have a more unique art exhibit and break the norms, you might want to try out outdoor exhibits. This is not yet a common practice, but it can be done. You don’t just create a more different atmosphere when you bring your art pieces outdoors, but you also bring the visitors closer to nature. However, this might be a difficult task. Thus, you need to be totally prepared for it.

Look for the best venue

The first thing that you need to do is to look for a venue that could accommodate the people you have invited or would possibly walk by. Make sure that the place is not close to the highway where cars would pass by. The sounds might irritate the people and remember that art exhibits are usually quiet. However, the place must not be totally isolated or else it would be difficult to go there. Your guests might not decide to come anymore.

Create an overall layout

You need to see to it that the place is designed perfectly. The art pieces must have the right location so each one of them will be appreciated. The plan should also enable the people to move freely. While doing the layout, make sure that you think of what proper container will match your art pieces so they remain stable. Take note that there are factors to be considered such as wind and temperature.

Check the weather

You need to check the weather in advance. If it will be raining on that day, just cancel the exhibit. If you will do it during the day, it must not be too hot. If it is, then you have to prepare something to shield your guests from heat. On the other hand, if you will do it during the night, there must be proper lighting. Otherwise, your art pieces won’t be noticed.

Make sure that the place is totally clean

The problem with an outdoor exhibit is that the place is naturally dirty. Weeds are growing, leaves are falling and garbage is all over the place. Thus, these details must be taken care of. If you are renting a place and someone will prepare the place for you, then include it in the instructions you give them. If possible, suggest the best weed eater. You can see more weed eater reviews to get the best information. Take note that if the grasses are tall, it might irritate your guests. However, with the best self propelled lawn mower you can find here, even if the art exhibit is taking place soon, it won’t be a problem. Check out some more weed eater reviews in this site if you want to make sure that the place looks amazing.

Make sure you sell the idea well

Not so many people are comfortable with any outdoor event. Therefore, you need to convince them that you have made the right decision of bringing everything outdoors. In the end, you need them to appreciate what you have done. Thus, everything must be perfect.

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Preparing Your Home for an Art Exhibit

When you think of art exhibits, you think of a huge location where all artworks are displayed. You see people wearing elegant dresses while checking out the gorgeous creations. However, you don’t always have to conform to the norms. If you think that an art exhibit in a huge place is too costly and you don’t have someone to help you fund it, then do it at home. You can always make your place a perfect spot for your exhibit. Take note that anything at home can be turned into a work of art. If you can make the most out of these pieces, then you will be appreciated more.

When will a home art exhibit work?

This kind of exhibit will work if you are dedicated in making pieces that can be used as home decors. Instead of seeing these items in a different location, why not put them at home where they will end up eventually? This allows the visitors to see how the items will look once bought.

It will also work if you want to change the usual evening exhibit where people wear dresses into an event that can last for the entire day and people can just wear their most comfortable clothes. They can even wear clothes that they wear at home. Yes, you might want to target those who are rich enough to afford expensive works of art, but you might be surprised at how ordinary people will take the risk and spend for expensive items just for home decors.

Preparing your home

If you have finally decided to use your home for the exhibit, you might be busy thinking about the layout. You will find a place for each item so they will be highlighted. You will also check if the items won’t be broken or disturbed as people walk around. However, the first thing that you need to do is to clean the house. Make sure that it is perfectly clean. You have to ensure that each side is dust free. You don’t know the people coming to the exhibit. However, you know that everyone wants a clean place where they won’t get sick as soon as they leave. Thus, you have to invest on the best vacuum for pet hair in this site. If you have pets, then their hair might get stuck in your furniture or on the floor and it could irritate your guests. Using the vacuum will make all sides clean.

You should also check everything in your home if something needs repair. These visitors should feel at home. As such, they must be able to use facilities when needed. Some people have to visit the toilet or wash their hands on the sink. This is why the faucet must be working well and has clean running water. You can check out some kitchen faucet reviews at if you think the ones you have at home need replacement.

If everything is ready, you can now start the art exhibit. Good luck and hopefully, your career will take off after it.

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Retro Photography With Lomography

In the age of digital technology, or any advances for that matter, there are always those who venture out creating art for the masses in a retro kind of way. With readily available digital cameras and cam phones, film-based photography is having a heyday with lomography.

There are a lot of ways where film is used in creating art. Film is still used not just in still photography, but also in movie making. The economics of film is against it going back to the same level of popularity. Rather, it is the cost of digital media, which makes any film comeback from ever happening. Whatever the case, there has been a renaissance in the use of film-based cameras, in weird and cool ways which are both retro, and avant garde at the same time.

As an example, my cousin lives in a small town in Alabama. He is a specialist in photography and does work for with law firms and law enjorcement. He takes pictures of crime scenes and of accidents and manipulates the exposures of the pictures to bring out details that otherwise couldn’t be seen. He even used lomography in a large case with a trial lawyer firm on one occasion.

Lomography had its start in cheap easy to use cameras during the 1990’s. Even as the high-end camera market went digital, the users of lomography specific cameras increased. Today’s lomography enthusiasts are no longer limited to the fixed lens instamatic types film cameras. There are now sub-genres of lomography. There are those who use older classic SLR and Twin-reflex cameras, viewfinder cameras, polaroid cameras, as well as panoramic cameras.

Lomography camera technology and thinking has also looped back to DSLRs with the recent release of the Petzval lens. This lens was created from the old design of slotted aperture lenses. However, the main selling point of the lens, aside from being made from copper, is the circular bokeh of the resulting pictures. This is not a lens for everybody. Its focusing is too soft. Setting the lens is not just manual, it is too archaic; you have to fit the slot into the lens to fix the lens’s aperture. It gives manual focusing a wholly new definition.
However, lomography is not just about the technology being used. It is about creating one of a kind pictures that cannot be reproduced even if the photographer wanted to. Various techniques are used which would sound crazy even before there were digital cameras. These include using expired film, or using chemicals on the unexposed film, as well as other techniques which can damage the film, and result in pictures where the distortion is part of the desired effect.

There is not a single school of thought or a single binding theme to what lomography is. What it is not, is staid, straight, and logical. The resulting pictures usually have a surreal effect, or an outstanding feature like exposed film sockets, or a single roll panoramic shot. Some techniques are done on the film before it is loaded, while others are done during processing. Still other techniques make use of special cameras, outfitted to create a specific effect.

Lomography has become a legitimate art form, and has followers and practitioners all around the world. It is even used on the web by this search engine optimization expert for their images. It is definitely making a comeback from it’s humble beginnings in the early 90’s. It may look technical, even when it is not. It puts the art of photography back in the hands and eye of the photographer.

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Crossfit World Record for Largest 3D Street Art

Breaking a Guinness World Record is the ultimate bragging right. Guinness is a wildly popular, forever ongoing international contest of humanity’s greatest feats. Guinness World Records day took place this year on November 17th and they took this idea to a whole different level. Each year for the past 10 years, thousands of people around the world simultaneously celebrate the day by tackling their chosen record. Many succeed and go on to be written into the Guinness World Record books until the day someone surpasses them.

Reebok CrossFit decided to take on two particular challenges: the world’s longest and largest 3D street art. This one piece is considered to break two records at once, effectively toppling the past records. The work was commissioned from London-based street art duo 3D Joe and Max. These artists have traveled the globe for the last 7 years creating masterful pieces from New York to Shanghai. Major clients include giants such as Google, the BBC, and Coca Cola. Their most famous pieces range from pop culture references to insightful and dramatic artwork.

These two ran into many challenges as they got started, according to artist Joe Hill. The task took place in London’s West India Quays in Canary Wharf and took several days to complete. Such a large painting had to be completed with the assistance of a large team, with Joe and Max leading the charge. London’s typical wind and rain put a damper on progress. The team ended up working through the night under the cover of large tents to finish by their deadline. This level of dedication and tenacity brought them to completion on schedule, with very few issues. Just the attitude that is necessary for carrying a world record.

“Just to give you an idea of the scale: Normally when we create these kinds of pictures, it is about eighty meters squared and it takes about four days,” says Hill. “This is over a thousand meters squared and we have got a week.” The duo described this feat as one of the most “epic tasks they have ever undertaken.”

They did run into the issue of another team attempting to beat the same record the weekend before they were scheduled the finish. The size they now had to beat was 1,111 meters squared. Their original design was only 1,011 meters squared so they had to adjust; making longer and wider before deeming the artwork complete. If anyone is looking to topple their record next year, the final count is 1,160.4 meters squared and 106.5 meters long, making their street art both the largest and the longest in the Guinness World Record books.

The final product consists of snowy cliffs looking down into a massive canyon. At the end you can see an enormous waterfall. There is so much attention to detail in the painting, particularly when it comes to the perspective of the viewer. Different brush strokes have to be used at different stages to create the 3D effect. A large and intricate Reebok CrossFit logo graces the side of one of the cliffs.

This massive artwork, upon completion, became the largest Reebok CrossFit area (an unofficial record) where people could demonstrate their skills above this enormous canyon. The general public was invited to participate in Reebok CrossFit’s WOD (Workout of the Day) and learn a few things about the benefits of CrossFit. Professionals were there on hand to help them in their introduction. This lead to some fantastic marketing for Reebok, strengthening their brand image within the fitness community. Altogether, its a pretty fantastic achievement for the artists and Reebok.

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Vegas Art Exhibits

Las Vegas is famous for many things but it is one place that is not highest on the list for art exhibits. However, a few months ago we were approached by some event organizers here in New York wondering if we were interested in coming to Las Vegas for a modern and contemporary art exhibit they were organizing. Of course we didn’t have to think for long and jumped on the opportunity.

They basically wanted us to come and write up some blog posts for our audience here in NY as they seemed to be missing interest from this side of the country. In the world of art it is all about helping each other and we were so excited and honored to be asked to help out.

In today’s post we just want to highlight some of the challenges we encountered with this exhibit and why you should go and check the next one out. As with many things in LV, the art is different to what you would find in other parts of the country. And this is the number one reason we enjoyed it so much and would recommend it to all our readers.

Fine art photography played very much a big deal and the winner of the weekend’s award was a portrait photographer from who had put together an exhibit of B&W portraits of everyday average locals in their jobs and going about their lives. It was a truly amazing piece of work that took James over 5 years to put together. The exhibit included 75 different images, but James had taken over 15,000 shots before he was happy with what he had.

Another area very high on the agenda was graphic design, which is something we are very much used to on this blog. For us NY is the graphic design capital with so many of our readers and followers in this industry. We definitely have the most talented designers, but we were very impressed with what we saw in Vegas.

One thing that we found to be missing a bit was sculptors. Our friends in Vegas said that was one area they were really struggling with as there just didn’t seem to be enough artists in Vegas, or ones willing to travel there. This really is a shame as for us a great contemporary exhibit deserves of some of the talent we are so used to here in NY. An exhibit without sculptures is simply unheard of here so we want to try and help out Vegas here 😉

What we would really like to hear about is whether you or someone you know would be willing to join us in Vegas in February. This would be a great way for artists of varying experience to gain exposure outside NY and maybe even get a sale.

The great thing about Las Vegas is that it is full of people with money burning holes in their pockets. The photographer I mentioned above spent years working on his project and was able to get thousands of Dollars worth of limited print orders in the matter of a few days. Post in the comments if you are interested.

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