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4 Online Marketing Tips For Artists

To become a successful artist who is able to live off their work it’s usually not enough to just make great art. While some artists luck out and get their name out there without ever doing any real marketing, for most this is not true.

To build up a successful art business you need to focus almost as much time on marketing as on creating art. Luckily these days there a lot more marketing tools available for artists than ever before. Online marketing and especially social media can truly help lift your art business to the next level.


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Vegas Art Exhibits

Las Vegas is famous for many things but it is one place that is not highest on the list for art exhibits. However, a few months ago we were approached by some event organizers here in New York wondering if we were interested in coming to Las Vegas for a modern and contemporary art exhibit they were organizing. Of course we didn’t have to think for long and jumped on the opportunity.

They basically wanted us to come and write up some blog posts for our audience here in NY as they seemed to be missing interest from this side of the country. In the world of art it is all about helping each other and we were so excited and honored to be asked to help out.

In today’s post we just want to highlight some of the challenges we encountered with this exhibit and why you should go and check the next one out. As with many things in LV, the art is different to what you would find in other parts of the country. And this is the number one reason we enjoyed it so much and would recommend it to all our readers.

Fine art photography played very much a big deal and the winner of the weekend’s award was a portrait photographer from who had put together an exhibit of B&W portraits of everyday average locals in their jobs and going about their lives. It was a truly amazing piece of work that took James over 5 years to put together. The exhibit included 75 different images, but James had taken over 15,000 shots before he was happy with what he had.

Another area very high on the agenda was graphic design, which is something we are very much used to on this blog. For us NY is the graphic design capital with so many of our readers and followers in this industry. We definitely have the most talented designers, but we were very impressed with what we saw in Vegas.

One thing that we found to be missing a bit was sculptors. Our friends in Vegas said that was one area they were really struggling with as there just didn’t seem to be enough artists in Vegas, or ones willing to travel there. This really is a shame as for us a great contemporary exhibit deserves of some of the talent we are so used to here in NY. An exhibit without sculptures is simply unheard of here so we want to try and help out Vegas here ;-)

What we would really like to hear about is whether you or someone you know would be willing to join us in Vegas in February. This would be a great way for artists of varying experience to gain exposure outside NY and maybe even get a sale.

The great thing about Las Vegas is that it is full of people with money burning holes in their pockets. The photographer I mentioned above spent years working on his project and was able to get thousands of Dollars worth of limited print orders in the matter of a few days. Post in the comments if you are interested.

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